My baby is teething – What should I do?

Make use of teething gels to help numb the gum area. Consider teething rings – particularly those that can be cooled in the freezer. Children’s liquid paracetamol or Ibuprofen can help, but always ensure that you follow the instructions and keep to the correct dosage.

What happens at my child’s first dental appointment?

Baby’s first appointment is about us all getting to know each other. If your little one is comfortable, your dentist will have a quick look in their mouth and gently feel around the gum line. But it’s much more about learning about your baby’s habits, routine and things that might affect their dental health.

How often should my child have a dental check-up?

Book in regular check-ups every six months from when your baby starts teething. This won’t just help us to keep an eye on their progress and spot things like tooth decay early – it also establishes a positive routine from the start. Generally, the more familiar and normal we can make things, the better.

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Copyright 2023 © The Grove Dental Care Website by 6rs.