What can I expect during a hygienist appointment?

During your hygiene appointments the hygienist will usually discuss your oral hygiene routine and give you tips and tricks to maintain a healthy mouth. They will also help remove build up of plaque and calculus. They may also measure the “pockets” around your gums to help monitor the health of the gums and be able to more easily identify potential problems in the future.

Why is it important to see a hygienist?

Good oral hygiene has been shown to significantly reduce the risks of caries and gum disease as well as improving the appearance of your smile and freshness of breath. A hygienist is specifically trained in cleaning and will be able to spend the time to expertly coach and motivate you to correctly look after your teeth and gums.

Do hygienist appointments hurt?

Simple cleans above the gums are usually pain free. Although can offer topical anaesthetic creams if you are concerned. For deeper cleans during longer appointments, a local anaesthetic may be used in order for the hygienist to clean below the gum line and allow for pain free calculus removal.

Can I eat and drink normally after a hygiene appointment?

I you have not had anaesthetic during your clean then absolutely. Although your teeth may feel so clean that you don’t want to. If you have had an “AirFlow” stain removal treatment, you should avoid food or drink that may stain for 2 hours. This will include tea, coffee, red wine, cigarettes, beetroot, curries etc. For cleans that included an anaesthetic, food and drink should be avoided until all feeling has returned.

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Copyright 2023 © The Grove Dental Care Website by 6rs.