What are possible dental bridges complications?

Tooth decay – From the outside, dental bridges are quite appealing. Unfortunately, if the abutment (supporting) tooth is decaying, then complications may occur.

Infections – For patients with gum disease or tooth decay, there is a possibility of developing other infections after this treatment. However, your dentist will treat any underlying problems before fitting dental bridges.

Bridge failure – Like any other dental procedure, your bridge could fail in several ways. For instance, an abutment tooth could break due to trauma or caries. The cement seal might break causing the bridge to fall out. This, however, can easily be re-cemented. In other cases, the bridge itself could break. Follow-up dental procedures may be necessary to correct these kinds of failures.

Pain or chewing problems – Once you get the bridges, you may experience some pain, especially when chewing until things settle. At times, the bite may feel strange. This implies that your bite needs to be re-adjusted. If these conditions persist, then you should seek help from your dentist

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Copyright 2023 © The Grove Dental Care Website by 6rs.